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Bryan Gallagher Parties with Paris
By Sasha Fastovskiy

The average person associates Paris Hilton with “That’s hot,” that damn little dog Tinkerbell, her jail escapades, and that barely talked-about movie she made via night-vision mode with that one guy no one cares about who was once married to that mean woman from the original “90210.” Now we can also associate her with a reality show, appropriately titled “Paris Hilton’s My New BFF.” In a world where no pillow is anything but pink, no dog is bigger than a purse, and no one is spared from the wishes of Princess Paris, Worcester too gets in the action as hometownie Bryan Gallagher, 22, leaves the Woo and checks into the Hilton.

“I’ve always LOVED Paris. Just from watching her on TV, I always thought she was hilarious. Regardless of whatever is said about her, I still wanted to meet her and be her BFF,” said Gallagher, a Worcester-born-and-bred graduate of West Boylston High. “People talk about me all the time and half of it isn’t true, so I know how it is, you know? You can’t always listen to gossip; you have to find out for yourself, which is why I went for it.” And went for it he did, as he filled out an online application to be Paris’s potential pal. He soon received a call back asking for a video: “The next thing I know I was being flown out to LA for the final casting auditions, where I obviously showed them that I was more than qualified to be Paris’s BFF.”

Gallagher got on with Miss Hilton from the start, “Paris really is a nice girl. She’s funny as all hell too,” he said. “We spent a good amount of time with her. The only thing that changes sometimes is her voice. On TV she uses a cute, higher-pitched voice. In real life, her voice is a little deeper.” Unfortunately, refusing to succumb to a makeover with Heatherette designers landed Gallagher in the bottom three. Staying true to himself and his looks (how very Parisian!), he was spared the sword of Hilton. “I thought the ideas that the designers had for me were a little extreme: shave my head, wear eyeliner and nail polish. Ummm, NO! I don’t wear eyeliner or nail polish and I love my hair the way it is. I’m not changing for anyone. You shouldn’t have to change yourself to be somebody’s best friend.”

A la typical reality show, Gallagher made some friends (“Corrie and Vanessa were my main BFFs in the house. Love them.”) and foes (“Kayley is a hot mess. Lauren is just another sheltered, air headed California girl. She needs to get out of the house more and be around different kinds of people.”). After the show is complete, Gallagher plans to pursue modeling and acting in New York, perhaps with a new blonde companion by his side. So, what has he learned about ins and outs of hotel heiress-dom? “You need to be hot, kind, and ready to party. You really have to be ready for anything because you never know what’s going to happen, you know? Her life is crazy! But I love it!”



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