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What to Wear When September Hits
By Sasha Fastovskiy

The little tykes, with pigtails in their hair and Superman Band-Aids on their knees, know it’s back-to-school time when the long pants come out and their noses run a little bit more than usual. A little further down the line, the high schoolers try to own their stomping yard by showing off their newly acquired personality via their wardrobe choices. We all know them. If they’re angry at the world, it’s black eyeliner a la Pete Wentz. If they want everyone to think they’re funny, they wear a shirt that says “I’d rather be sleeping.” The sleazy females just wear glitter.

As for the rest of us, the challenge lies in putting to use our cute tube tops when the weather turns nippy.

Luckily, the upcoming section of our calendar we call “Indian summer” is one period that is completely casual, cool and tan appropriate. There’s no need for the Oxford shoes from the days of yore or the plain white squeaky clean sneakers from the days of bore. The key to easing into the heavier winter wardrobe is making small changes to your summer one or pairing lighter fabrics with the winter ones. So roll up your jeans, let down your hair and make like Frankie and relax.

Look for many different takes on sweater-vests, soft cardigans and new-but-looks-old sweatshirts. The staples usually don’t change, like the three-quarter length shirts. Preppy argyle make its usual appearance on shirts, sweaters and leggings. Farmer Brown short sleeve plaid is running rampant in eye-appeasing colors of blue, red and rich green dresses and shirts. Classically tailored button down shirts in all colors of the rainbow will go well over summer tanks and denim duds.

Speaking of denim, Katie Holmes has had it right thus far ~ roll up and cuff the baggy boyfriend jeans, pull on a thick leather belt and you’re now sporting a trendy look. In general, denim will be far more deconstructed. Acid wash, rips, and frays will replace the drab, dark skinny. Looking for more dressiness down there? Try tailored, wide leg pants. For a funky, yet carefree office chic look, add a thin colored belt and a hip tee.

The newest rage in fall wear is skirts of two fashions. I’m talking about the shorter, wider, pleated skirt and the more professional slim pencil skirt. Either one will make the outfit, so keep the tops toned down. Make a fresh look with the perfect pair of stylish socks like kneehighs, ruffled anklets or any small splash of color.

As for everything else, keep it to the bare essentials: metals, some elastic or leather wrap bracelets, touches of hardware, clusters of pins, brooches, and even corsages.

Everything goes for this year’s fall preseason look. The best looks are easily thrown together, casual and classic. With that winning attitude, it’s no wonder that any back-to-school wardrobe gets the passing grade.


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