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By Sasha Fastovskiy

For anyone who has ever been caught in a hairy scary situation, Worcester now has a specific spot to help tame your troubles – introducing gobare, the only local professional waxing and lash studio whose sole purpose is to make any hair removal (or addition, if you’re looking to extend your eyelash-batting range) procedure as neat, clean, and pleasurable as possible.

“I think of it as more of an art, rather than a hair removal,” says Kristin Bates, owner and hands-on waxer. Her goal is making sure that her clients’ skin and facial features are as happy as possible. “Eyes are what people look at; brows should be the right shape and size for the right person. It gives me a good feeling to clean them up and make them perfect,” she says of the most popular procedure.

Conversing with Bates, you certainly get a feel for her extensive knowledge of her field; she talks like a business major, referring to specific salon tidbits from her previous work experience (and her lashes are OMG-worthy too). “We have a truly affordable menu, there’s no high overhead, no huge equipment. We have clients in and out all day. It’s not an over-the-sink wax; we don’t take your money and make you run. It’s a high end service at a fast speed.”

This latest gem in the made-over Canal District specializes in waxing, threading, XTREME eyelash Extensions, and makeup, and with affordable prices ($15 eyebrow wax) as well as a constant stream of specials and complementary add ons, it is shining as bright as its teeth whitening sessions. Other services you’ll find there? A facial light peel that Kristin calls a “refresher,” makeup tutorials, and a swanky gallery/studio where clients can test products.

And before you call Kristin for an appointment, do her a favor: “Throw away the tweezers! Seriously, people have an addiction to over-plucking. Just don’t touch them; you’ll mess up the natural shape and you’ll come to me and I’ll have to redo it,” she joked…kind of. But it’s worth it. “People notice bad brows, they’re going to see if you go to a cheap place and end up with a cheap service. It’s better to spend the extra few dollars for better quality; here, you can spend $15 and feel like a million.”



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