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Vegetarians may have had it right all along.
By Sasha Fastovskiy

Combine asparagus, lemon, blueberries, seaweed, avocado, and eggs. Mix well. It’s the perfect recipe for …your face? Yep, that’s exactly what the hip, new Lush cosmetics brand is cooking up ~ and to rave reviews. All products in this collection are guaranteed fresh and made with just-picked (seriously!) ingredients ~ and best of all, there’s NO animal testing. Bananas, coconuts, seaweed, strawberries, wheatgrass, avocadoes, fresh mint, blueberries, free-range eggs, kiwi, and grapes are just some of the wholesome fixin’s combined to make everything from bath and shower products to lip-gloss and perfume. Forget squeaky clean; these will have you feelin’ fresher than a fruit salad.

For years, dermatologists and experts have recommended diets filled with fruits and vegetables. Sure, the vitamins and nutrients are good for your heart and your bones and blah blah, but anyone who’s ever been through puberty knows that what’s really important is what people think of your outside. Avocados are quite possibly God’s gift to dry skin; their fats help to plump skin cells and restore inflamed skin and reduce wrinkles. Blueberries are known for their anti-aging and antioxidant levels. Grapes help with oily skin, and the citrus in lemons helps clean and refresh. Lush’s range of products, which includes their own men’s line, is handmade, as preservative-free as possible, and is infused with many of the items found in the grocery store’s produce section, truly illustrating the company’s motto of “Dare to be Fresh.”

One very noticeable difference between Lush and other leading cosmetic companies is that Lush products come with an expiration date; if a product has an expiration date, then you know how fresh it really is. Lush urges consumers to take the challenge to look inside their own medicine cabinets to see if their favorite toiletries and cosmetics products have expiration dates. Once you discover that you don’t know when your product was made or when it expires, you may wonder how fresh it actually is. Another benefit of going Lush is that ingredients are also listed right on the label so you know exactly what’s in the product and what goes on your face. Natural and unsullied goods are so much at the heart of this company that one of their highest rated products, Bio-fresh Face Masks, is only available in stores handmade just hours before purchase.

Everything about Lush cosmetics is mouth watering. Browsing online is as almost as good as store-hopping (almost). WWW.lush.com has all of the products available for perusing ~ along with actual customer reviews. Lush and their natural-goodness mottos and techniques may very well influence the entire cosmetic industry. Now that is ~ literally ~ good enough to eat.


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