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Uxbridge’s Salon at Capron Falls Has the Cure for Cantankerous Curls

By Sasha Fastovskiy

Curly hair typically has no “typically.” From corkscrew curls to big, tangle-some waves, from tiny cupid curls to spiral ones, the curly-haired masses believe their attribute to be both a head-turner and a head-ache, respectively. Those with the blessing of curly, twirly hair also have the blessing of managing its mood swings: tangled, heavy, dry, coarse, frizzy, kinky, and big.

Thankfully, the kind folks at the Salon at Capron Falls (27 Mendon St., Uxbridge) have acknowledged the curl-wearing hordes and have embraced them with open styling products ~ namely, the Deva Concepts line, specially formulated products and techniques designed to “rejuvenate, restore and respect your hair’s natural order without the use of harsh chemicals.” Simply put, it’s a way to refresh curly hair, making it more manageable and healthier, encouraging your curls and teaching the blessed how to control them. Whether you’ve been straightening-to-death, or are simply using regular shampoos that may dehydrate hair, Deva is akin to a healing hair bath…an extended spa getaway for your hair.

The Salon at Capron Falls now has two certified Deva Curl handlers, elite stylists Brittany Bertulli and Jessica Walsh, who attended the Curlaboration seminar at the Deva Institute in New York. In addition to the new cutting approach (which makes the art of hair cutting a literal lesson in education: use nothing but scissors to tame rowdy hair), Bertulli and Walsh are also trained in “Pintura,” a method of hair painting that allows each curl to have specific light, dark, shadow, and shine to create a look of harmony within the hair.

In addition to learning the ins and outs of your own curls (they’re more complex than you’d think), an appointment with the ladies will cover Deva Curl product knowledge – and you ARE going to want these products. With some Deva treatments and a traditional cut (usually done on air-dried hair in order to observe the natural fall of your hair), you can actually replace between 2 and 4 “regular” cuts, depending on the style.

If your own curls have headed out on a wayward path, the Uxbridge salon now carries the full line from Deva, and is more than happy to assist in the taming of the curls. From Afromen to Shirley Temples, no curl is too unruly.

www.spaatcapronfalls.com, 508 278 0990


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